Diagnosed with Tennis Elbow or Golfers Elbow?
For those of you that suffer from Tennis Elbow or Golfers Elbow and want a way to... manage your symptoms and live your life!

We present:

Bare Bones Therapy for Elbow Pain DVD. How to rehab at home.

So how is this DVD different from other information found on the web about elbow pain?

"This DVD is for people suffering from elbow pain. There are no gadgets involved with this program. It provides brief but concise instructions to make small changes that can make a big difference in the recovery of tennis or golfers elbow. Presented by an experienced and certified hand therapist."
Experienced and Certified hand therapist gives all the information about Tennis Elbow.  From the causes to easy instructions and small changes to make a big difference in recovery.  My clinic has treated thousands of cases of tennis and golf elbow; I have put my years of experience into this great DVD.

There is a lot of information out on the web. I sifted through it before embarking on this journey, just to see if what I had to offer was any different from what was already out there. What I found was that there was a lot of good information being provided. However, I also found it to be a bit simple and “old school”, mostly things I have found to be ineffective when applied in a rehab setting. I found detailed explanations of anatomy and how it relates to elbow pain, but without a “functional” activity to relate it to, the average person would not see the connection. The stretching techniques were typical. They were certainly not harmful, but could be expanded upon for better results. The scariest for me as a therapist is the instruction on strengthening. “YIKES”! Strengthening is good but not when it will essentially make things worse.

Bare Bones Therapy for Elbow Pain DVD.

$14.99 + S&H