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Our concept is simple: With proper diagnosis you can take care of yourself on your own schedule.

Bare Bones Therapy was born out of the idea that individuals, when given proper guidance, can meet their own needs for tending to some of their physical  health and well being. So often, as consumers of health care, we are met with many obstacles; access to doctors, less than empathetic ears, no insurance, limited insurance or co-pays that are unreasonable to pay on a weekly or bi-weekly basis and time spent in travel or away from work to attend appointments.

As a general guideline, the best exercise is “the one you will actually do”. So you will find most of the material covered can easily be incorporated into your daily activities so you can consistently take better care of yourself while recovering. It will help make your recovery more focused on what you can do, rather on what you can’t!

Why call this "Bare Bones Therapy?". Well for starters when it comes down to having to take care of ones self, bare bones is all you have. You are without a therapist making you accountable to do your home program. It is bare bones becuase there are no "modalities" such as therapeutic ultrasound or iontophoresis with cortisone to ease the pain or a therapist giving a massage to the effected area. Bare Bones Therapy gives the individual the know how and knowledge to build upon take control of elbow pain.

Bare Bones Therapy for Elbow Pain DVD.

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